About Us

The year in which Cleaners Luton was established marked a new chapter in the history of professional cleaning services in Luton. Even back when it was still trying to find its feet, the company enjoyed excellent feedback from its clients. Today the firm successfully offers a large portfolio of services and has a stable position in the industry and a trusted team of skilled cleaning technicians.

What makes us different

We are not like all other established cleaning companies out there and that has never been our ambition. Instead, we have always wanted to be different and to do things differently. Against all common logic, we provide our customers with:

  • First-class quality at a dirt-cheap price
  • A speedy but thorough execution of the cleaning
  • Innovative methods and traditional values
  • A 100% service satisfaction and zero hidden fees

Our unique approach to business shines through the way we plan and organize every cleaning job we undertake. The company’s efficient cleaning services in Luton comply with the industry’s standards but they can be tailored to fully meet the unique needs of every single one of our customers. That is our way of making sure that the results we deliver are always excellent.

We have a team of well-versed and checked cleaners

Behind every successful cleaning job stands a competent and qualified cleaner. We have an entire team of such professionals which is why we have never failed to complete a project with flying colors. Our recruiting process is extremely meticulous and strict. For us, a truly dependable cleaning technician needs to have not only an impressive CV but to also possess valuable qualities like honesty, high self-motivation, integrity, and good manners. 

Our customers get to enjoy all the benefits

For us, it is a great pleasure to serve and assist our clients. Our way of showing that is by offering them many benefits, extras, and deals. So, if you choose to rely on our comprehensive cleaning in Luton, you will have the chance to reduce your costs with our mid-week discounts and personalized quotes. Also, you will enjoy cheap insurance, fast response times and even seven days of the week availability.